canon p4 resources

The Cutting Room Floor

tcrf archives cut and unused content still in game files. You can find info about Yosuke's cut romance here.

Cut Romance Audio

In English and Japanese.

Dungeon Conversations

All of the dungeon conversations that can occur. Yosuke's page is obviously the most relevant, but there are hints of souyo in other party member's convos that involve Yosuke.

P4 Manga Archive

Incomplete, but includes a large chunk of the P4 manga ouevre in English and Japanese.

P4 Visual Novel Resources

Folders of background references of Inaba across Persona media.

Stage Plays

Arena (subbed) and Ultimax

Outfit Models

Every P4D outfit on full 3d models.

Drama CD Translations

Fan translation for some of the Drama CDs.

Obscure Media
Mayonaka TV streams

Midnight livestreams the voice acting cast did around the release of Golden. This episode in particular (featuring Yosuke, Kanji, Teddie, and Yu's va's) is somewhat infamous for being chaotic, and Namikawa Daisuke (Yu's va) even referencing it in a P4AU release stream in 2022.

Mayonaka Kage Radio

In character radio program hosted by the voice actors of Yosuke and Kanji.

Yosuke on BlazBlue Radio

Talk show featuring voice actors appearing in the BlazBlue games; this is Morikubo Showtaro (Yosuke's va) episode to promote Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle. If you've seen chunky chibi Yosuke or Jiraiya, some of it comes from here.

modding resources

Yosuke Romance Mod

In English and in Japanese.


Information on Atlus game elements to aid in modding.

The Spriter's Resource

Sprites and elements ripped straight from games. Up top are links to resources for models, textures, and sounds ripped from games as well.

Persona Modding Discord

Open invite to the discord server for modding persona games.

general resources

Official Atlus Channels
Persona website
Japanese + English twitter
Japanese + English youtube
Persona Central

News updates on Atlus properties.