souyo fanfiction

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"I think," Souji replies at last with a knowing smile, "when you really do something right, you don't realize that you've done anything all that memorable in the first place."
-untitled; anonymous (bbbh)

"It was impossible to argue with Yosuke, because Souji knew he was right. There was nothing to do except dig in his heels and resist, because things had already been decided, because no matter how much he wanted to stay- and he did want to stay, more than anything in the world- there was nothing that could change the fact that he was getting on that train tomorrow. It was too late, and Souji told him so.

"No... It's not too late." The only thing that stopped Souji from speaking was that it didn't entirely sound like Yosuke was talking to him. "That's what I was thinking, when I first woke up from that curse. I almost died. Maybe I did die, I don't even know. But when I woke up, I knew right away that I couldn't waste this chance. It's not too late." He sighed, took a deep breath, and seemed to come to a decision. "You can't leave. Souji, I-"

"Why not?"

"-love you."
-Breaking up Is Hard to Do; anonymous (bbbh)

Yu's other hand, the one not in a death grip at his back, was bunched up at Yosuke's collar. So Yosuke gripped it and held tight, feeling the ring on his left index finger tighten against his skin.

"We'll get her back, Partner," he spoke into Yu's scalp. "I promise."
-Plain Ring; aquietdin (ao3)

"I'm glad I met you," says Souji, in a way that there's no need to ask if he's joking or if he's being sarcastic, in a way that doesn't stop time or make butterflies flutter in Yosuke's stomach, in a way that's just like any other day.
-Sunday, 7:43; anonymous (bbbh)




-Shovel and Rose; amoebady (ao3)